Obon: Festival of the Dead in Japan / お盆

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Obon the Japanese Buddhist holiday is one which celebrates and honors the returning of spirits and ancestors. This happens every summer during the 13th to the 15th of August and is a BUNDLE of fun!
During this time, many people will return to their towns of origin and visit the graves of their family; they will clean, pray and remember their ancestors. Japanese folk have always been extremely interested in their past and even though in Western society where these types of traditions have died out, the Japanese still value their ancestors legacies.

You will often see graves during this time in Japan covered in flowers! It's quite the sight to see and we hope we can show you!

Traditional Obon Dancing

During this holiday period, it is believed that ancestors return to be welcomed and celebrate the footprint they left on our small planet. So in such fashion EVERYONE is invited; alive or dead!

From here you will see many Obon styled dances which you can see below:


Thank you Aaron Miyamoto for the video! 



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