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Konnichiwa everyone! Time for a new blog post, and this one will be about how we're expanding to RedBubble, Etsy and other platforms!

As many of you know, we sell a lot of our merchandise at the most affordable rate we can, typically we just want to beat the competition whilst upholding a fantastic service! As such, we've decided to branch out and offer our goods in other locations (Albeit slightly more expensive due to their fees) in hopes of bringing more people in to see our Senpai Custom Made Merchandise!

So, to start off with, let's talk RedBubble!

RedBubble Anime Store

Our RedBubble store will ONLY sell our custom merchandise, from Stickers to Tank Tops, we'll have it there. What we're really hoping for is more coverage on our Harajuku inspired designs, things such as Black Sq, or our Unicorny shirt!

You can follow us on the SenpaiWares RedBubble.

Our Etsy Anime Store

We plan on getting a little creative with this one, we can do more exotic and handmade quirks here. We're not entirely sure what we want to do yet, but thinking maybe our sewn products or pillows would be a good fit here :-)

We're also going to be opening up your ability to submit designs to our store and this platform very soon!

The Future With Our Creative Outlet

We want to offer more, but as of current our time is very limited! We aim to be doing conventions up and down the UK in 2018 and as such hopefully making some amazing contacts! If you are from the UK and have your own handy work please get in contact via phone or email!

Last but not least, check out this cute Hedgepog


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SenpaiWares started in 2016 with a small selection of fan made anime based graphic shirt designs which focused on unique and wild designs. Since then we’ve branched out to Anime Figurines, Nendoroids, FigmaSexy FigurinesGashaponTamashiiDakimakura / Body Pillow, Wall Scrolls and Authentic Japanese Candy!

If you’re looking into something more fashionable, possibly Harajuku or our own fashion Brand, you may like the “Senpaiwares Fashion” or Cosplay collection.

Our mission is to provide official, quality anime merchandise from reputable vendors as well as supplying the best and quirkiest custom apparel designs!

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