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Looking for the Son Goku Gi Jacket from Dragonball Z? We have you covered! This sleek design and gorgeous material makes it great for any Dragonball enthusiast. The actual jacket is made from cotton and is the standard thickness, making it great for Winters and Summers alike!

Son Goku wears his Gi in every major fight in the Dragonball franchise, you can be in the likes of Goku during his transformations or fights with Frieza, Cell, Lord Slug, Majin Buu and even Broly! Wear this and prove to everyone that you are the TRUE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN.

There isn't a hood with this version of the Goku Gi Jacket so you will need to wear your Super Saiyan wig! (or just a coat). However it makes for great smart-casual wear to meet ups, street gatherings and more!


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  • Standard
  • Blue & White
  • Black & White

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