Fishing Pole Candy (Blue)

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Try your hand at fishing with this japanese gummy fishing candy that comes with everything you need to catch little plastic multi colored fish. As you wind the reel it makes a clicking sound just like a real fishing pole. In addition to this fun little game, you also get to enjoy some tasty chewing gum as you reel 'em in!

You will recieve a total of 5 fishy candies in this fun little sweetie toy! however you can buy extra gummy sweets with friends and package this together for an awesome birthday party game! This will surely be an investment into your candy eating adventure! Best of all, you can reuse the kit repeatedly! Love it! 

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These authentic Japanese candy Kits are amazing!

Please note this video isn't directly the same as this product.

Kit Includes:

  • plastic fishing pole
  • string
  • plastic fish (x5)
  • gum

***for children over the age of three; do not eat the plastic fish

A real catch! Japanese gummy fishing candy

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