Kids' Lunch DIY Candy Kit

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Kracie does it again with this Lunch DIY candy kit inspired by the standard kid's meal you would find in many family restaurants in Japan. You can make all of the dishes that you see in the picture, and each item has its own sweet candy taste. (the shrimp candy doesn't actually taste like shrimp, don't worry!) This Japanese candy kit is packed with so much for you to do, eating your creation is only half the fun!

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These authentic Japanese candy Kits are amazing!

Please note this video isn't directly the same as this product.

Kit Includes:

  • omlette powder (mixed juice flavor)
  • potato powder (apple flavor)
  • shrimp powder (orange flavor)
  • chicken rice powder (soda flavor)
  • ketchup powder (strawberry flavor)
  • meatball powder (chocolate flavor)
  • shrimp breaded coating (crackles and pops when dipped in water)
  • vegetable beads (chocolate mint flavor)
  • mixing spoon
  • mixing tray and molds
  • easy to understand illustrated¬†instructions (Japanese language only)

Allergy Warning:

  • milk/dairy
  • gelatin
  • soybean
  • banana
  • this product was¬†produced¬†in a¬†factory that also produces¬†wheat and egg¬†products

Get this awesome lunch DIY Candy Kit!


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